How to Find Out If You Have Native History In Your Family

Individuals wish to find out if they have Native American history in their family tree to substantiate familial claims, for a better understanding of their family tree, and as entrance requirements for acceptance into a tribe.

 Medical Testing

Individuals who wish to definitively validate native history test their DNA with a blood test. The test checks for unique genetic markers. Most Native Americans have unique haploid groups used for verification of Native American history.

Online Family Tree Research

Numerous family tree research web sites exist online specializing in Native American genealogy. These web sites provide resources to find and access to birth, death and marriage records, as well as treaty information.

Offline Family Tree Research

Native American reservations hold resources relating to birth, death and marriage records. Access to this information is specific to the reservation. Government records are available to the general public.

Professional Genealogist

Professional genealogists are available to research family trees. They are useful when the research to be performed is not local, or the customer is not personally comfortable performing the research. Genealogists have the tools to access the information quickly and have the expertise to produce quick results. Deliverables differ per genealogist, but will generally provide copies of birth, marriage and death records.

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