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Securing a position is about how much you know, as well as what you are willing to learn. Various types of learning come in to play when interviewing for any position. Subject matters may vary depending on your career, however, certain subjects may be more advantageous.

Non-profit Work

It is important to follow the political environment you are in, specifically in the non-profit industry of your choice. Non-profits receive funding from government sources, so it is important to know how the reigning government views this industry. Knowing this may give some insight into job security. It will allow you to speak to possible coming changes in your interview.


Trades fall under regulated and non-regulated trades. This list is ever-changing, and has different levels to it. Knowing the differences between apprentices, journeymen and red seal will deepen your knowledge of the trades and help you to build a path forward. Knowing this path will demonstrate your commitment to the work.


If you are seeking employment, part of your job search should be keeping your skills up to date. It is in your best interest to know all of the standard office programs as they are released. New features will make your job easier. Administrative work is often coupled with bookkeeping. Refreshing yourself on the newest tax laws every six months will keep you informed.


Keep up to date with your field. Simply following Twitter streams in your industry will bring the information to you. Writing a blog will demonstrate your understanding and expertise. This information can be included in your application package for interviewers to get a deeper understanding of your skew on the industry.

Securing your position means both understanding your industry and being able to demonstrate it. Use your knowledge of the industry to ask industry related questions, provide solutions and suggest changes. Employers are looking for informed individuals who can build their team from the inside.

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