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Prank Monkey #4

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Prank Monkey #4

Prank Monkey

4.Leave food out to encourage vermin infestation.

For those who do not wish to source their own feeder crickets, vermin can be attracted a number of ways. Unfortunately, when the vermin are not introduced directly, you are really spinning the wheel of what may be attracted.

The term “leaving out food” can be interpreted two ways:

  1. Leaving food in plain sight that can be cleaned up by more industrious staff members.
  2. Placing food items in inconspicuous spaces such as:

i. dumped behind a filing cabinet
ii. smeared under a table/behind a picture
iii. drizzled between furnitureiv. pushed under furniture

I prefer option b. Option b allows for greater creativity and flexibility on which food item you can use.



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