Avoiding Employment Scams

Job seekers are often desperate for income. This scenario leaves the group open to groups who would seek to exploit them. Different layers of scams exist, which can be difficult to separate from other desirable postings. 

Product Sales

Most sales jobs are not scams. Even the scams at this level are not really scams after all. They tend, however, to be unattainable. These such jobs may involve knives, candles or supplements. While the products may be sound, finding enough people who will actually spend enough money to make it worthwhile is generally impossible. The products tend to be cost prohibitive for most people. How many people do you know who have $1200 to drop on a set of knives?

Work From Home

There are many work from home scams. They usually ask for money to be sent for product (to be assembled), or for information.  The information received explains how you can make money from home, or lists of companies that will require your services. In any case, there is no guarantee of income.

Revenue Share

Blogging and content writing is a newer form of employment. Payment received depends on the web site. Sites that provide an actual form of income will pay per article/content item. Others offer a revenue share from the clicks and/or impressions on the web site. For this to be effective, one needs a legion of followers that will be interested in the subject matter to see any income. Avoid this by starting your own blog with revenue producing ads.

Employment scams work on people because the proposed ideas seem sound. Often they are. The issue is that they are not sound for most people. Ensure you do your research to see if the employment offer will actually work for you, and not waste your time and money!



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