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La Roux is the two person power duo that hit the electric world by storm. Fronted by the face of La Roux, Elly Jackson (and Ben Langmaid), La Roux has gone on to capture the world’s imagination by their cryptic and secluded life in a world obsessed with social media.

La Roux’s first album is a mix of hooks and beats that are irresistible. Since 2009, the world has been waiting for their follow up release. Elly Jackson is quoted as saying the second album would be, “a lot cheekier. Not ‘Touch My Bum’ cheeky or ‘Carry On’ cheeky – just slightly suggestive […] A lot of music that’s quite sexual is aggressive, but the music itself doesn’t sound sexy – it’s more people shouting, ‘Look at my bum! Look!’ I’m not turned on by it, I’m terrified.” It is unclear what direction this will take their music in.

I first approached the SoundCloud Mixes project with the Fever Ray Remix Album. In the same way, I searched for the best free downloadable mixes of the eponymous La Roux Album. One might ask: why not just make a SoundCloud playlist rather than download all the tracks? This is a valid question; however it limits the portability of the music. These tracks can all be downloaded for free and loaded onto your favourite music device.

Kyle Richtig’s La Roux Remix Album

1. In For The Kill – Sonario RMX (DJ HEM Rework)
2. Tigerlily – (DJ Termite Dubstep Remix)
3. Quicksand – (DJ-Be-Crash)
4. Bulletproof – Berrie Remix final
5. Colourless Colour – (The Subs Popup remix)
6. I’m Not Your Toy (Boobytrap Remix)
7. Cover My Eyes (Reinero Edit)
8. As If By Magic (Future Motions Remix)
9. Fascination This Way (La Roux vs Lady Gaga) 
10. Reflections Are Protection (Remix) 
11. Armour Love – Hedstate Remix 
12. Saviour (ZIM remix)

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