Free Fever Ray Remix Album Download

Experience Fever Ray’s eponymous album in a new way with a reinterpretation of the original songs.

Fever Ray is the side project of The Knife’s Karin Dreijer Andersson. The eponymous album Fever Ray was released in 2009, with a blend of dark sounds and layered voices. A rare gem, this album has gone on to inspire many other artists. In 2012, the first track If I Had A Heart was used as the title track in the popular show Vikings, a show set in the medieval period of Andersson’s native Sweden.

Utilizing Soundcloud, anyone can listen to not only the full Fever Ray album, but many reinterpretations of the songs. While available in an app version, Soundcloud also allows for free downloads of certain songs made available by the artists themselves. For some albums, such as Fever Ray, the entire album can be reconstructed in a sequence of remixes all available for download. The emphasis in this article on the downloadability of songs provides the versatility to create your own CDs, or to move to a personal music device.

There is no right or wrong remix album to create for yourself, the following is simply a suggestion of downloadable songs that I appreciated the most. Had I been creating a Soundcloud playlist, I may have had other viable options at my disposal!

Kyle Richtig’s Fever Ray Remix Album

If I Had A Heart (Madeaux Remix)
When I Grow Up (Funkagenda + Paul Thomas Remix)
Dry And Dusty (Extasy Remix)
Seven (RealDaniel Remix) 2009
Triangle Walks (VS edit)
Concrete Walls (Ft. DJ Lark)
Now’s The Only Time I Know (Gossip rmx 1b)
I’m Not Done (RD Remix)
Keep The Streets Empty (Jeff Belfi Remix)
Coconut (Pierre Evil’s Palm Oil Hands Remix)

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