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Early Results: Polyamory and Personality Type

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Early Results: Polyamory and Personality Type

I want to thank everyone who has contacted me about this project! I’m happy that there is interest! Here are the very early results received from respondents:

MBTI Types(will add types as represented).

INTP – 14%
INTJ – 14%
ENFP – 14%
INFP – 29%
INFJ – 14%
ENFJ – 14%


Male – 71%
Female – 29%

Age Groups

20s – 14%
30s – 86%


While few results have come in, 100% of respondents are iNtuitive. 71% are iNtuitive Feelers, while 29% are iNtuitive Thinkers. 57% Perceive information, whereas 43% Judge it.



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