Polyamory & American Horror Story Murder House

American Horror Story Season 1, known as ‘Murder House’, features a cast of characters tormented by their decisions in life. Watching this show again now in a polyamorous relationship, I identified how monogamy may have been the root of many of their troubles.

In this season I found four major relationship issues that stemmed from normative monogamous expectations:

1. Constance Langdon + Hugo Langdon + Moira (the maid)

In 1983 Constance (Jessica Lange) finds her husband Hugo (Eric Close) taking advantage of their maid Moira (Alexandra Breckenridge). Constance indicates that she had loved him since she was 16; however when she finds out he has cheated, he means nothing to her. My wonder is whether or not Constance would have had to kill Hugo and Moira if she didn’t operate under the proviso that Hugo’s interest in other women diminished his love for her.

2. Vivien Harmon + Ben Harmon + Hayden McClaine

Ben (Dylan McDermott) and Vivien (Connie Britton) Harmon have to uproot their lives and move into the Murder House because of Ben’s affair with Hayden (Kate Mara). This choice ruins their lives in a way that may have been sidestepped if perhaps Ben had been honest with Vivien. The situation is only compounded by Hayden’s desperate need to be the most important person in Ben’s life.

3. Chad Harwick + Patrick + The Twink Trainer

Chad (Zachary Quinto) and Patrick (Teddy Sears) move to the Murder House only to find their relationship fraying. Though the viewers never meet ‘The Twink Trainer’, it comes out that Patrick carried out an affair with him. The question remains whether or not if ‘The Twink Trainer’ had joined them in a Triad, could he have completed the missing parts of their relationship?

4. Constance Langdon + Larry Harvey + Lorraine Harvey

Larry (Dennis O’Hare) and Lorraine (Rebbeca Wisocky) receive the Murder House after Constance and her family move out. Larry falls in love with Constance and must kill his wife and daughters to move Constance and her children back into the house to live with him. Could Larry have explained to Lorraine that he had fallen in love with a single mother who he wanted to help by bringing them into the family?

While obviously polyamory isn’t the cure all for relationship issues, I wonder whether or not much of the hurt and betrayal in the world could be avoided with greater amounts of love.


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