3 Men 1 Year

It has been almost one year since Charles moved in. Hundreds of days have come and gone, and despite the odds we were facing we are still together.

The last year has been filled with plans, disappointment and laughter. We planned to relocate to another city, but were disappointed when we were unable to find a buyer for our house. We laughed at ourselves and moved on.

Charles has made the greatest transformation over the past year. As the youngest of the three, his eyes are often still wide with the possibilities of what the world could and should be. He has spent the past year reconnecting with his family and taking responsibility for himself. He has spent most of the past year working three jobs at a time. Charles turned 23 this summer, and therefore is still full of energy.

Edward recently broke free from his parent’s business that he managed. He started the project with optimism, and sadly I watched as it ground him down over the years. I think that loyalty kept him in it, but I admire the courage it took him to move on. The new track he is on may not only be more lucrative, but also more satisfying in the end.

I keep plugging along with my studies.

The first year has been a big adjustment. Edward and I had lived together for six years before Charles moved in. We had our own rhythm that worked well for us as two introverts. Extraverted Charles has certainly brought his own flavour into the house that changed the flow.

I think we all spend at least the first few months reeling from the change. For example, I thought that having an extra partner would create more personal time for the self. I thought that Charles and Edward would like time together alone that has never seemed to materialize. I guess I expected more sense of structure (thanks to Big Love). Instead, we have snippets of time with each other between work.

It has been an interesting year. We had our one year anniversary in January. Starting a new year with an anniversary seems like a gift. We are moving headlong toward our second anniversary.


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