Dismissing Polyamory

I read a short article today on Mamamia (Australia), “What the hell is a polyamorous couple? Glad you asked…” The piece comments on a story about Kamala Devi, Michael McClure and Rachel Rickards. Both the article and the comments focus on the sexual relationship between the three, ending with the line, “Come on guys, just call it a threesome. Okay?”

I feel that this is an excellent example of the dismissal given by assumed monogamous individuals. For me, a threesome is a sexual encounter. It may be a one night stand, or it may have a reoccurring cast of characters. In any event, the threesome does not encapsulate what it means to share your life – all your life – with two other people. I would hardly call a triad doing laundry a threesome.

In our house, sex is certainly on the table; however, we have much more to do in our lives – like everyone else – than just spend all our time in bed.

The dismissal of polyamory as a primarily sexual drive downplays the intricacies of human emotional need. I hope that “Mama Mia” learns to raise her editorial children better.



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2 thoughts on “Dismissing Polyamory

    1. Oh dear: I actually just followed the link & read the article! What terribly sensationalist journalism, with the added red flag of mentioning their six year old son by name- I deplore that kind of media behavior 🙁

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