3Men1House TV Reviews

3 Men, 1 Obsession

In our house there is one thing we can all agree upon: RuPaul’s Drag Race. I will first state that none of us are drag queens. Though, if we were, we would pummel that runway.

When Edward and I first met Charles, we introduced him to RuPaul’s Drag Race, which we had watched faithfully since the first season. At the time we met, Season 5 was just about to drop. Charles was so into Drag Race, that we watched the first 4 seasons and All Stars in only a few days. Since then we have scarcely gone a day without watching the show. I guess we all love shade.

Drag Race is an interesting show culturally. Though the show airs on Logo, RuPaul has clearly tapped into the web/torrent market. The product placement in episode challenges replaces the need to have commercials and advertising as seen on a regularly broadcast show. In particular, the marketer in me appreciates RuPaul’s shameless plugs for his own products. You better werk!

Further to this, Drag Race has crossed boundaries and, as RuPaul says “bringing families together”. Several seasons in, (and if you add in Drag U), there are many stories and lessons that are shared by the queens. Though Drag Race can purely be enjoyed as entertainment, my research has showed that many individuals have found solace in their own lives from watching the show. I can say for myself, that the show definitely helped to relight my own individualistic fire, and allowed me to tap back into my inner Diva.

To let my nerd flag fly, I will also let you in on the pets we have named after some of the queens:


Jinkx (Monsoon)  – Our Chestie (Chihuahua/Westie mix)


Alaska Thunderferret & Detox (still looking for one more to form Rolaskatox!)


Sheldon (Sharon) Needles – Red Eared Slider Turtle


Sally Manila (Luzon) – Yellow Bellied Slider Turtle & Tortise (Latrice) Royale – Red Eared Slider Turtle



Raven & Jujubee – Razorback Musk Turtles (Team Rujubee)



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