How Polyamory Could Have Saved Nurse Jackie

Did any other poly folks watch Nurse Jackie Season 2 and think polyamory could have saved the day?

Follow my logic:

1. Jackie and Kevin are married for 12 years before Jackie begins affair with Eddie. 

While their relationship may not have been 100% positive, few are. By today’s standards of monogamous marriage efficacy, 12 years is a pretty good stretch to begin with. I would like to infer that there was at least some commonality that made them work, other than their children. Jackie (Edie Falco), in fact, claims to love Kevin (Dominic Fumusa) on several occasions with Dr. O’Hara (Eve Best).

2. Jackie and Eddie have affair for 4 years before the truth comes out.

The depth of the relationship between Jackie and Eddie (Paul Schulze)is not fully described. They appear to enjoy each other’s company, and the affair did extend outside of the hospital – if only to Eddie’s apartment. Jackie had a stable life outside of their relationship, making distance for her easier. Jackie does claim to love Eddie and Kevin at the same time.

3. Once Eddie meets Kevin, they become good friends.

The relationship between Kevin and Eddie is non-sexual. They attend events together, and become such good friends that Kevin asks Jackie to find Eddie a pharmacist job at her hospital, and asks Eddie to date Kevin’s sister. They create a real bond that I believe compounds the deceit of the Jackie and Eddie’s affair for Kevin.

Had Jackie brought Eddie home when she became interested in him, perhaps they could have formed a classic V triad (or maybe the boys would be open to more?). The boost in income would have likely doubled their household cash-flow (he is a pharmacist afterall, compared to nurse and bartender). Perhaps the reduced money and work stress in the home would have reduced Jackie’s need to abuse drugs. I’m not saying that polyamory saves all marriages; however in this case…


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One thought on “How Polyamory Could Have Saved Nurse Jackie

  1. Excellent post, you make a very logical, factual, point. Maybe the problem is that people have been taught or dare I say programmed. Born, be a A student, get married, have children, become ultra successful, stay married, pretend all is good with the picket fence and Volvo estate car. Okay that is a very broad statement. But my point is maybe we must accept people for who they are with no judgement. Really enjoy reading your blog, it’s very honest and always a good read. Ivan

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