3 Men, 1 House and 0 Cars

One week ago we had two cars. With the three of us working such different hours and in different cities, it was required. Since yesterday we have been stranded at home.

The first car to go was the Grand Am. We were given this car by Edward’s mother a year or so ago because she no longer needed it. It made an excellent second car, but did not get used as much as the main car we have been using for years. Edward had been driving the Grand Am one day, when smoke started billowing from the air vents. He made it home, but the car was overheating every time we drove it for more than two minutes. We tried dumping oil and coolant into the car, thinking this was the problem. The car was indeed out of coolant; however, this only provided me with five minutes of driving. When our mechanic friend came over to take a look at the car, he let us know that the heating core was cracked and that the fluids were just pouring out. Write off – too expensive to fix for what the car is worth.

So we were down to one car – 2004 Pontiac Vibe, that has really given us few problems over the years. It started making a rattling noise just before the Grand Am died. So when the mechanic was here, he checked it out, and said that the air conditioner compressor was loose and making the noise: not a real problem, just noisy. So we have been driving the Vibe without hesitation. Two days ago I drove to visit my brother (1.5 hours away), and the car was fine. Yesterday Charles and I thought we could pick him up another dresser off of Kijiji to save some money. I stopped at the ATM very close to our house to pick up some money for the dresser. When I returned to the car and tried to back out of the parking spot, a belt snapped under the hood and I could no longer steer.

So now we are carless and waiting for the mechanics to call with an estimate. We are thinking it may be time to get a new car. We have had the Vibe since 2007 (we took over the car from Edward’s sister when she moved to B.C.), and with the three of us, we should be able to swing a car payment again.

I long for the days when I had no license to drive.


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