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When the three of us first met, there were fireworks. There was also a great amount of hesitation, fear and emotional turmoil. It was difficult to find the time to have the normal get to know you conversations naturally, as Edward and I had known each other for several years, and it seemed awkward questioning Charles about his past without seeming like an interrogation. This is why I created a Get to Know You game for us to play.

I created the game based on the principles of Personality Dimensions colour groupings. I created 40 cards, and divided them as 10 for each colour.  I tried to create questions and actions that complemented the different pieces of our personalities.

Here are some examples of cards I made:

Inquiring Green questions/actions:

  1. Tell us a fact about a city.
  2. Tell us if you prefer math or science and why.
  3. What are two words you use to describe yourself, and why?
  4. Who do you think was your biggest male influence growing up other than your father?
  5. What are two things you would change about your siblings?

Resourceful Orange actions:

  1. Time for a three way neck and shoulder massage. Switch twice so everyone gets two sessions.
  2. Everyone dance or lip sync to the song that’s on now.
  3. Time for a three way kiss.
  4. Have your neck kissed on both sides for one minute.
  5. Time for a three way hug.

Authentic Blue questions/actions:

  1. What is your favourite childhood memory?
  2. What would be your perfect night with your boys?
  3. Tell your favourite story about a grandmother.
  4. Tell the story of your favourite pet.
  5. Give two reasons you enjoy the people you are with.

Organized Gold questions/actions:

  1. What role does tradition play in your life?
  2. Who was your favourite elementary teacher, and why were they your favourite?
  3. List some of your accomplishments.
  4. How have you experienced religion in your life?
  5. What do you think is a good way to save money?

On Valentine’s Day 2013, Edward and I took Charles out for dinner. The game began at dinner. We removed the Orange cards from the deck and set them aside as the cards we would move onto once we went home. Several of them were NOT appropriate for a public venue (for us). We mixed the rest of the deck and took turns drawing cards and sharing stories.

The game was a fantastic addition to our Valentine’s Day, which I believe may become an annual tradition. The information shared appealed to the Green side of Edward andmyself. Charles’ blue side enjoyed getting to know more about us, and what made us happy. The game format made it easy to share without feeling any one person was on the spot, and appealed to both Orange (game fun) and Gold (game rules) subdominant parts of us.



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  1. What a great way to get to know somebody even after you being in a relationship for some tome. William and I have been together for 11 years and we still don’t know all about each other. Enjoying reading your post and your journey that you are own. No judgement btw, as I had a very close friend in a polygamous relationship. Thanks for sharing this very private relationship in your blog. Ivan

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