3 Men 1 House: The Move In

Today was moving day for Charles. Charles and I did the moving while Edward made sure there was room at home. It was a quick affair, and took no more than an hour and a half to get everything out of the old place and into our home. I don’t think I have ever seen Charles so happy as he was on the ride back to our house.

This evening Charles and I went to see my older brother. Charles had met my sister a few months ago, but the subject of Charles had yet to come up with my brother. My brother is less than a year older than me, and loves me very much.

I introduced Charles as my and Edward’s new boyfriend. At first my brother thought that Edward and I were split up, and just both seeing the same guy. After a bit of backstory, he caught up and was very happy for us. For a straight man who has never left the small town he was born in, my brother is surprisingly progressive. He is one of the least judgemental people I know, and only wants to see me, and the ones I love happy. It is a rare characteristic in a person.

Tonight is our first night together as one big happy family. I dream of many more.



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