3 Men and a New Plan

We got a text message from Charles’ landlord stating that the new tenant was hopeful to move in this weekend, a few days shy of the 1st of October. Since Charles has been living 60% here already, a few days earlier for his move in does not shake our plans too wildly. Charles has been eager to move in for some time, so he is rather ecstatic about the idea.

We had our first Triad family meeting yesterday over breakfast. With Charles moving in, we all decided it was important to discuss finances before he moved in. We decided on a “common pot” approach, wherein we pool our money to combat expenses, and together reap the rewards of our savings. It is a delightful theory, as is our plan to divide the household chores. Theories of course need testing, and I fear there may have to be a great deal of tweaking before we are all comfortable with the process.

Tomorrow we will all be living together. I have to admit I harbour some apprehension, not because I do not want to have Charles move in. I think that everyone feels a little bit of fear before a life changing event. In the past 9 months the landscape of my life with Edward has changed dramatically. While our relationship has expanded to include Charles, we also have plans for school (me currently, Edward soon, followed by Charles), added new pets to the mix, and are planning to move to another city. Our plate is full.

Now we only have to find an appropriate King size bed!



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