3 Men, 1 Illness, and a Move-In Date

All of us have been battling a cold this past week. It, combined with my penitence for barometric related sinus issues, has made for a challenging few days. Charles was the last to get it, likely because he has had at least some barrier with his own place. Unfortunately for Charles, he also spends most of his time here – so it was inevitable he would catch it too (he can’t stop kissing to save himself).

The better news is that Charles has found a person to take over his place for October 1st. That means the Triad will finally have a chance to live together full time. Charles is definitely excited to get moved in, and the feeling is contagious. Although Charles’ bedroom is in the basement, I am sure that his presence will fill the house. The bonus for him is not only us, but also that he will be closer to work and other friends. A win for many.

We have discussed how we plan to work out the household chores. Since many hands is purported to make light work, we are hoping that life should be a bit simpler. We plan to take turns drawing chores from a hat on a rotating basis. We’ll see if this works better than the do which chores you like to do system we have had for the past few years. In addition to this, I was thinking we could pursue different skills that we could share. For example, I recently learned how to replace the toilet flapper and fill valve. Those who know how to do this may scoff at the simplicity. While simple, I have to admit I didn’t know that before I attempted to learn. My guess is that there are many other useful skills we could uncover to be more self sufficient.

And the negotiations begin…



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