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3 Men 1 Internet Connection

Today iOS 7 was launched. It is a fantastic update, but with three iPads and two iPhones in the house it started a bandwidth war.

Updating five devices also means that inevitably one will have an issue. This was Edward’s iPhone. For some reason it would not acknowledge the free space on the device, and therefore would not download the update. Apparently, when in doubt, revert to factory install. The most frustrating part for Edward came after the factory install. He visited the update section, which then told him his iPhone was already up to date. He gave up and put it down (already an hour in). I picked it up and it immediately started the download. I am the Device Whisper.

I worked as an IT Manager for many years, so I am the household Tech. To be honest, I tend to be lucky (patient) when approaching technology. It’s all I’ve ever needed.



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