3 Men No Sleep

There has definitely been an adjustment to the rhythm of the house with Charles’ addition. Both Edward and Charles have fierce night owl tendencies that I do not share. My night owl was slowly suffocated by many years of 9 to 5 employment, which has only made me more diurnal with time.

As introverts, Edward and I both enjoyed our respective alone time – me in the mornings, and he in the late nights. Charles also has the endearing quality of wanting to connect with Edward and myself before leaving in the morning. While lovely, I’m used to getting on with it rather than seeking out others when my day is starting. My initial reaction is often one of irritation.

I understand that my irritation is that of differing priorities. At 22, and happily in love, Charles wants to simply spend as much time with us as he can. This is precisely why I find it endearing. At 36, I certainly appreciate how little time I have to get things done in a different light.

Last night we all stayed up past midnight. Edward had to be in to open the restaurant at 8:00 (after a 45 minute commute), and Charles had to open at 8:30. I didn’t have to start school until 9:00; however, our elderly dog had a seizure at 5:00, which stopped me from really falling asleep again. Soon after my men were up and there was no chance for slumber.

I did not grow up in a loud home as Edward did: now I understand why he knew we would need a bigger house. If all goes well we should move into a new place before the new year. The house we have now was large enough for the two of us when Edward and I in 2011 when we moved in. With three adults and many pet friends, it is time to move on.

A thank you to the South American men and women who grew the fair trade coffee that got me through the day.

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