How Can 3 Men Live Together?

There is an interested quirk of compatibility that brings Edward, Charles and I together. Edward and I have had an interest in psychology for many years. I became certified in Personality Dimensions a few years ago and have since helped Edward and Charles find out what their specific colour preferences are. We categorize in this way:

Paul: Green, Secondary Orange (MBTI: INTP)

Edward: Green, Secondary Blue (MBTI: INTJ)

Charles: Blue, Secondary Orange (MBTI: ENFP)


As is evidenced, Edward and I got along swimmingly with our primary preference of Green. We are both introverted and enjoy nerdy pursuits of information. As introverted people, we have a very small circle of close friends, and in our case, most of them are Green too.

Charles, on the other hand, is extraverted. Introverts find extraverts overwhelming at times. The interesting quirk here, is that Charles’ primary and secondary colours are the secondary colours of both Edward and myself (Blue and Orange respectively). His extroversion allows us all to access both our primary and secondary colours more efficiently.



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