Beyond the Bed

Charles was delighted by his new room. I don’t think I have ever seen him so happy before. What is telling, was his mother’s reaction:

“Sounds like you are pretty spoiled.”

I suppose one could construe it this way. We did spend several days repainting and purchased him a new bed and related necessities. The fact that we decorated in his favourite colour (blue), is beside the point. Charles, in fact, does not truly have a bed in the room he rents now. He has two old mattresses piled on the floor – definitely better than nothing. We simply provided him with what he needs to be successful. It is difficult to move forward in life when you do not have your basic needs met (such as a good night’s sleep!). We don’t spoil Charles – we love and respect him. That is why we asked him to move into our home.

Edward and I both have mixed feelings about Charles’ family. Granted, we have mixed feelings about our own families. As it is often said, you can’t choose your family – family of origin that is. We have chosen to create our own family. The fact that it does not subscribe to predefined rules is fairly meaningless at this point. I am certainly more inclined to worry about loving my husband and boyfriend than worrying about what other people think.

I think Charles was most surprised by someone having as much regard for him as we do. He got to sleep in his new bed for the first time last night.

We still do not have a definitive move in date for Charles; however, it seems that he is spending more time here than the place he is renting. I think this is how it always goes. The magnetism of where one wants to be draws them closer until they stay.


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