Always Buy Your Own Paint

Yesterday Edward finished off painting the floor for Charles’ bedroom. We got free paint from Edward’s mother that she had used to freshen up the floor in her garage. Free = great.

I had the task of cleaning up the paint and associated ephemera. I often paint, so cleaning up paint it almost second nature to me. Cleaning up interior house paint is generally not much different than cleaning my art brushes etc. Unfortunately for me, I have seasonal allergies at this time of year, and was unable to smell the characteristic odour of oil based paint.

So stupid here trots upstairs to wash out/off all the items in the bathtub. I quickly noticed when I turned on the water and the paint sprayed greasily all over the tub and myself. I still have grey paint on my arms and hands that is slowly coming off. Not fun.

Moral of the story: buy your own paint so you know what you are using.

I am hoping that the floor will finally be dry by this evening so we can surprise Charles tonight with his new room.

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