Moving Forward.

I’m Paul. I have a passion for writing. I have written fiction and poetry since I was a small child. It always served as an outlet for me –  a way to create a new world to replace what I saw around me. I have taken on other forms of creativity since my childhood (painting, music), but the love of words always takes over.

Edward and I have been together since 2006. Back then we were much more fresh faced and full of gumption. Edward is a lover of political commentary, and together we love a sociological debate. We tied the knot in 2010.

Toward the end of 2012 we decided to explore some of the boundaries of polyamory. Quite unexpectedly, we met Charles in January of 2013. Charles is a spunky young man in his early 20s that brought a new dimension to our relationship.

Edward and I spent the day painting a room in the basement for Charles. We have decided to try all living together. We are all moving toward a new chapter in our lives.


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