About the Queen: Pandora Boxx

The queen of the sewing machine, Pandora Boxx (Michael Steck) was known as the Susan Lucci of RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 2. The winner of Season 2’s Miss Congeniality prize, Pandora has stood out as the best of the campy queens. Pandora’s style was often criticized by judge Santino.

Pandora Boxx joined her drag royalty sisters in RuPaul’s Drag U. More recently Pandora Boxx released her single, Nice Car (Shame about your penis).


As a campy queen, Pandora shined in the Country Queens acting challenge. Her portrayal of a pregnant, chain-smoking aunt was unforgettable. Later in the season Pandora rocked the Snatch Game with her Carol Channing impersonation. Her rendition had RuPaul in stitches.

The hairstyling mini challenge from the Rocker Chick episode was a win for Pandora. Mustang Sally might be a new look for tomorrow’s Rocker Chick. Perhaps Pandora should take that wig on the road!


Pandora Boxx won (with team member Sahara Davenport) the RuPaul doll makeover challenge by createing Shafreeforal. Her prize as team leader in the Starbootylicious challenge became a problem as she came up against some “strong personalities”. Her team brought in the least amount of money.

Pandora Boxx has mad sewing skills, but I wonder if in some cases there was less time than vision.

Pandora Boxx nestles into third place with Jujubee when we measure her charisma, uniqueness, nerve and talent. In our rankings of the Drag Race All Stars, Pandora Boxx scored 18 out of 20.

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