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The Recroom: Wake Up The City

The Recroom seemed to be one of the hidden jewels of Canadian music. There was a vacuum left by the disbandment of The Organ, that The Recroom comfortably fit in for me. Having just moved from the Oshawa area, (where Get Bent Records is located), I feel like I missed out on seeing this band live.

The melodic voice of Jackie Game is brilliantly cast against the backdrop of chords and beats which come together to form The Recroom (also starring Sarah Felgemcher: drums, and Angel Valencio: bass).

In songs “Good Feeling” and “Hiway 60” Game’s voice takes on a Siouxsie Sioux quality to it, haunting yet familiar. These songs also are the first foray into a lighter tempo, that leads from coffee house to dance floor.

“Be Still” is certainly my favourite song on the album. Pulling from influences of different periods, “Be Still” is a great example of the new sounds that are emerging with a new generation of music makers.

Wake Up The City is an interesting journey, in which I find something different in each time. Is that what makes an album classic? It is difficult to know how new classic masters will be found in such a new and loose music tapestry, however, The Recroom is one band that shines out among the masses.

Listening to The Recroom has given me a great deal of hope for the Canadian independent music scene.



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