Junior Pantherz: Rejoice Remain

When I first heard Rejoice, Remain I was floored. Perhaps it is because of the high doses of “radio crack” that I am inundated with on a daily basis. Perhaps it is that the album that is filled with unpretentious, driving sound and lyrics.

Junior Pantherz, have been lurking around, just out of my view since their first release in 1999. The sound of Rejoice, Remain is reminiscent of the sound of the 1990s that I grew up with and loved so much in high school, blended with new sounds and grooves that rocks its way into any situation.

2008 The lyrics of Rejoice, Remain have dark undertones, telling the stories of the upcoming generation inheriting an Earth we weren’t brought up to take control of. “Least Favorite View” speaks of the corporate world and our empty lust for success, while “High Hopes” seems to paint the portrait of one who lost at buying in to the system.

My favourite song on the album “To and Fro” brought me back to sitting around in my bedroom with my friends in high school, feeling isolated and weird in a small town. I also felt vindicated when hearing the lyrics of this song: “The year of the horse/The year I was born”, which is the Chinese Astrological year 1978. Being born myself in 1977, (Year of the Snake), I felt a greater synergy to the music created by those had a similar smattering of national and international propaganda, thus creating imagery I could relate to.

Rejoice, Remain is a great album to secretly (or not so secretly) rock out to, without the guilt of paying good money to listen to teens rage on with songs that were written for their brand image.


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