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Christa Coutu: The Wedding Singer and the Undertaker

The moment I read “And like Righteous Babe says ‘Unauthorized duplication, thought sometimes necessary, is never as good as the real thing.’”, on the back of this CD I had high hopes.

Christa Couture is at at least an artist, if not a woman, of many shades.

In Sad Story Over, Couture brings us a song blending Christa Coutu classical instruments with contemporary verse. It is a The Wedding Singer And walk through the oft recurring break ups that many of us The Undertaker go through, but with a beat that instead of wallowing focuses on the triumph of moving on.

My favourite song of the album is Nothing’s Changed, the story of, and conveniently my story, of hypocrisy, and perhaps the reason one needs to relive the Sad Story Over.

Other highlights of the album include In His Name and Oh Yes Oh Yes, the latter of which reminds me of sitting in smokey bars in Toronto listening to bands in small clubs.

Though The Wedding Singer And The Undertaker has a very folky feel to it, it is an album that mixes many music forms together in such a way that there is something for everyone, yet without compromise or pretension.



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