night time

I went to a wedding shower after work for a girl I didn’t even really know. It was nice though to get out of the house and mix with some new people. Some of the people I work with are pretty cool, so I’m hoping that I may finally have some Durham friends.

Katie is thinking about selling me the Rick Kemp guitar. She hasn’t given me a price yet, but the guitar is like 1000 times better than the one I have now. She of course has two much nicer ones than the one I would be purchasing, one of which cost like 2-5K. I would be happy with her cast offs though.

Tomorrow is Carson and Ivy’s baby shower. Of course they get to have a baby, but not me. Of course part of the blame goes to Ms. Kate Mitchell on that one. She didn’t make any promises of course, but we all know that I would rather blame her than myself. Perhaps I will look into having a uterus grafted into Jeremy.

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