Good News/Bad News

~Good News~

I found out that Jeremy will not be moving to California now. This is good news as far as I see it, but it unfortunately brings some bad news along with it.

With Jeremy home we can now get (legally) married.

Now that Jeremy will be staying here, I can work harder at the issue of adoption.

~Bad News~

No car for me, as there will not be any extra money.

Who knows when we will get a new roof, as again there is no extra money.

I will not have my K8 Mitchell moving here now. What am I going to do without my Ms. Mitchell? Probably the worst of the news.

~Other News~

I have now begun to work at putting together my office/studio in the basement now that I don’t have to worry about keeping for K8’s room. It’s coming together well (a whole year later), now that we’ve replaced the floor and painted. There is still much to do down there, but I guess all I have is time.

I’m currently interested in purchasing a farm. I don’t actually want to operate a farm, but do enjoy the prospect of having a great deal of land between myself and other people. Of course if there is enough room I would enjoy having a few token farm animals, but don’t enjoy the prospect of having to clean up after them. I would have to spend time at another farm before making those decisions though.

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