I’ve been really busy over the last week or so with work. I never thought that teaching people would be so incredibly draining. I guess it’s not really the teaching or the material specifically, but the people I am teaching. I’m getting tired of the individuals who are basically just filling a seat so they will get their disability cheque.

On a better front, things are going well with Jeremy and I even after several issues came up over the last little while. This may be another reason why I have not been writing in my journal, as I was a little depressed for a couple days. Of course, as usual, once my depression turned to anger, the matters were resolved. Two good things came out of the chaos though:

1. Things are better than ever with us, even with the looming move.

2. I got two good songs out of it.

I’ve been discussing Kate’s new boyfriend Dave with her pretty thoroughly. I’ve incredibly happy that she has found someone, and even though they are still in the honeymoon period, that things are going well for her. After her time with Wayne, I was happy to see her find someone to make her happy. Of course, when I asked her to move down here, I didn’t factor in that she may meet someone before it was to happen. So even though I’m happy for her, of course I’m pretty bummed that she might not end up coming down. i guess we’ll have to wait and see what happens.

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