I can’t believe that it is August already. I had many things I wanted to do this summer that I never got around to. I guess there is always next year if it doesn’t happen soon.

Yesterday I went to Katie’s house, which was an adventure as she lives right at Queen and University. I forgot about Carribana, and the traffic was pretty bad getting to Toronto. Jeremy was going to Burlington for the day, so he dropped me off at Yorkdale, which was terrible because I had to take the subway down. I’m not a huge fan of taking the subway, but I guess it does the job.

It took Jeremy an hour and a half to get to Burlington from Yorkdale, and almost two hours to come back to get me. Of course we hadn’t put together that the traffic problem was caused by Carribana, even after living in Parkdale for four years. Regardless, he was trying to pick me up downtown, which was probably a bad idea. Even so, leaving the city was fine. There seemed to be absolutely no traffic on the roads going east even in the city. I was boggled.

Katie and I went to visit Danielle at work (Second Cup), yesterday. She’s starting to grow with this new baby, though no where near as much as she did with Theo. I think she’s pretty upset that her new due date is December 25th, but probably more for the child. My cousin was born a few days after Christmas, and it really ruins your birthday when you are born so close to a gift giving holiday. She told us that if the baby is born on Christmas she is going to name him Jesus Santa Kopp.

The heat was excruciating downtown yesterday, and I may have had a stroke. Ok, that may just be in my head, but it was still damn hot! I am so glad I left Toronto, though I miss the shopping.

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