It’s another overcast day, where it’s not sunny but not cloudy. It’s gross.

Not too much is going on around here since I have to go to work in an hour. I find it hard to get anything done when I have work looming in the afternoon. I didn’t really ever do anything in the mornings before, but now that I don’t have the afternoon to do any cleaning, nothing much is getting done. Fortunately, Jeremy is on vacation right now so he did the laundry yesterday.

I’ve been sitting here trying to find some information on my grandmother’s father Karl Giesenberg. It’s hard, as she never knew him, and it hasn’t been long enough to find information in public records. Also, as they lived in Germany there is also that stumbling block of only looking for information in English. I have one possible lead right now, but I’ll have to push on.

Why does Lionel Richie have a new album?

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