Sorry for this.. i’m sure it’s boring.

the scar you’re most proud of the bottom of my foot where i got a deep cut from a jagged rock
your favourite condiment ketchup
if you have freckles not really, a bit on my arms
your preferred method of cooking with the stove?
what shoes you’re wearing i’m not wearing any shoes
how many children you have 0 – so far
the first person you french kissed Brenna
your preferred breed of dog Yorkshire Terrier
where you were born April 11, 1977
what colour underwear you’re wearing green
where your keys are right now in the pants i wore to work
if you have split ends No
when you last got laid Sunday night
your opinion on airline food yuck
what cosmetic surgery you would consider none
best kiddie playground equipment to have sex on i haven’t had sex in a playground that i can remember
your worst malady i had a stomach infection that made me shit and puke for days
if your mum loves your dad no
if you can sing well um
what your olympic event would be olympic pussy shaving
someone you admire Laura Secord
which country would be hardest for you to locate on a map Uruguay
the last time you cried Monday on the way home from the Soo
your most interesting sexual congress location i had sex with congress?
part of the Sunday papers you read first i don’t read the paper
the languages you speak English, some French and German
the religion you were raised in Roman Catholic and Christian
if you can draw well i don’t know
your favourite photograph one of my mom on a tricycle
what you should be doing instead of this having sex

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