Home Again

We’re back in Whitby finally. We got to the Soo on Thursday and camped out in my Mom’s backyard. There were four tents in total, as there was one for us, one for Ashley and Jake, one for Kav and Justin, and one for Avram and Billie. We all had a great time together, especially since I hadn’t seen them since last November.

We didn’t do much in the Soo, but we did get to see Ms. Mitchell which was nice. She came and hung out at my Mom’s on Saturday night and sucked up all the free beer she could! Well… I guess we all did that.

We picked up Clara, and what’s bizarre, is that her bark has changed. I’m not sure if she somehow “matured” while we were gone, or if she just learned a new bark while she was there, but it is definitely different and deeper. What a weird dog.

I have to start work tomorrow, and I haven’t slept in like four days.


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