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New Job

Exciting news today. I got the job working at TriArch Educational Services. I am now a semi-teacher/instructor. I start on Tuesday after we get home from our trip to the Soo. I already have a student lined up for me who is working on English as a second language. Apparently he speaks and reads english well, (I’ll believe that when I see it), and needs some help with grammar, etc.

I’m starting out part time, but will be moving to full time later in the summer/beginning of fall. I’m not sure what else I’ll be doing at this point, except for the one student, but I do know that they want me to be a computer skills teacher later on. I believe that one of the women is leaving on maternity leave in September, and I believe she was the existing computer teacher.

Thank god for this job, as I was almost out of money!

We had to take Clara to the vet today to get her shots before taking her to the kennel tomorrow. She went to the vet one time before, because she had kennel cough when we got her. She doesn’t generally like going in the car, but was O.K. – the real problem was when we got to the vet. When we got inside, she started whining and crying, something she doesn’t usually do. When we took her in to see the doctor, the doctor tried to check her ears, and Clara tried to bite the vet’s face. We had to put a muzzle on her. It was frightening that she was capable of trying to bite someone’s face off. I liked it.


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