I went back this morning to rewrite the road rules portion of my driver’s test. Of course, this test was even harder than the first, and dealt with some information I of course did not read. It had a bunch of info about demerit points and criminal offenses and weird stuff. Some of the answers I guessed at, but still passed with a 16/20. I now have my G1 license…. What have i gotten myself into?

I spent last night downloading the songs from the Black Box CD Dreamland. I saw one of the videos on MuchMoreRetro, and it rekindled in me my regret for not purchasing this CD when I was 13, (I can’t believe it was that long ago!). I usually do not download songs, even though it is legal in Canada, but apparently this CD is out of print. I’m sure if I went to the pawn shop in Sault Ste. Marie I could find a copy though. Oh how I miss the Soo sometimes.

On my way home from the license place today, I stopped at Dairy Queen to try one of their new Moolattes. I did not really enjoy it that much, and though I’m not necessarily a fan of iced coffee drinks, this was by far the worst I’ve ever had. I would recommend an Iced Cap from Horton’s or a Chiller from Second Cup, (if you are independently wealthy).

I need to mow the lawn, but the mower is out of gas. *sigh*

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