I finally received an e-mail back from Andrew. I had initially thought that he was blowing me off, but, apparently he must not check or respond to his e-mails often. I don’t know how he could do this – of course I have no life at the moment.

He asked me to send him one of my songs, so I sent him a copy of Insect Black Vinyl Halo Teaches Me, but I rerecorded it as I had changed it a bit. I can’t wait to hear what he has to say about it, as people don’t usually have much to say about my songs. Of course this makes me feel like they are terrible, and they are trying to be nice. Since Andrew has no cause to worry about my feelings, I’m assuming I will get some feedback… that may or may not be a crushing blow.

Kate Mitchell sent me a picture of Liam yesterday, and I can’t believe how hot he is. Granted he was incredibly hot when we were in high school, but of course you always hope that those who didn’t sleep with you look terrible now. Unfortunately, Liam is even hotter than he was before, and of course I get nothing.

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