Kyle Richtig Journal


Well, I’ve been trying my hardest to convince K8 Mitchell to move down here to Whitby and live with me after Jeremy leaves. I’m hoping (fingers crossed) that she’ll come down, as, the possibility of her moving down here is what’s keeping me going right now. With the prospect of being completely alone here in Whitby, it would be so much more comforting to have her here. In fact, at this point I can’t imagine anyone else that I would want to live with.

I’ve decided that I WILL go to get my G1 on Monday as instructed by Mr. Scheffee. I don’t know why I am filled with fear by the prospect of taking the test, but I am. I am also ready to get it I think, as I’ve waited eleven years since I was 16 to go. I guess if K8 does move here I will be able to buy a car. As I have been a loser and waited so long to get my license, I will need someone who has a license to drive around with at first. I wonder if she would mind if I got a car, and needed her to help me learn?

It’s fucking hot here today, and I wish I could turn the humidity down a bit. Having grown up without humidity, I do not enjoy it at all.

Time to watch some T.V. and pretend my husband isn’t moving to a coast far far away.


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