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I received some new CDs in the mail today. First let me preface by saying that as a CD addict I will often browse by the web pages of my favourite artists and record the dates of new CDs in my calendar. Well on one of these little trips around the web I found out that Ani had a new CD. It’s a live CD and sounds pretty good, much more like Living In Clip than So Much Shouting, So Much Laughter. Though I have always enjoyed Ani, her little dance into the world of jazz didn’t strike a chord with me. Her last album though Educated Guess was wonderful, and not jazzy at all… so I thought I’d take the plunge again.

Also, for a $1 more, I was able to get a sampler of 15 songs, which apparently comes with any order over $15, but the CD I ordered was only $10.

Check it all out at

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